RUMA AestheticsRUMA VIP Bank ProgramWomen's Health Introducing the RUMA BANK VIP PROGRAM!

Introducing the RUMA BANK VIP PROGRAM!

#RUMAhasit we’ve launched something big! INTRODUCING THE RUMA BANK VIP PROGRAM! This VIP program will give you EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS on injectables, women’s health, and skincare services at RUMA as well as discounts on retail items! If you’re an existing RUMA guest, you know that we rarely offer discounts, so this is your opportunity to SAVE SIGNIFICANTLY…

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RUMA AestheticsSignature TreatmentVivace RUMA’S Vivace Microneedling With Radiofrequency Treatment

RUMA’S Vivace Microneedling With Radiofrequency Treatment

One of the most highly recommended and highly sought after medical skincare treatments right now is fractional microneedling with radiofrequency! We are thrilled to offer this phenomenal treatment at RUMA Medical Aesthetics with our top of line VIVACE Treatment. FAQ What is Vivace? Vivace is the next-generation microneedling system that uses gold-tipped needles and advanced…

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Facial TreatmentRUMA AestheticsVivaceZO skin health Achieve Ultimate Skin Health at RUMA!

Achieve Ultimate Skin Health at RUMA!

Why should you choose ZO medical-grade products over other skincare brands? ZO isn’t just simply a skincare brand carrying the same empty promises that are thrown around from Oil of Olay to anything you can buy at Sephora. Even the better spa brands and clinical brands available from a dermatologist or other medical spas may…

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Ohh-ShotRUMA AestheticsViveveWomen's Health RUMA Aesthetics

Women’s Health at Ruma – VIVEVE + OHH SHOT

Ladies, do you ever pee when you jump, cough, run, and/or sneeze?  Do you feel like there could be improvements with your sex life?  As we age, it is normal to experience dryness, decreased sex drive, decreased sensation and more difficulty reaching orgasm.  Whether you are experiencing one or many of these issues, we are…

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