Shelby will travel to your office to conduct a private training so you can get hands-on experience in the state you are licensed. She will instruct providers on patient assessment, anatomy, and advanced techniques of their choice as previously discussed with her.

GROUP SIZE: 6-8 Providers (If your practice does not have enough providers to fulfill the minimum requirement we will invite additional advanced providers to the training)

PRICING: $2,750 per person + Travel fees (flight, hotel, transportation, etc) for Shelby split between participants – See below for details.

DURATION: 5 hours

LOCATION: YOUR practice or a local practice in your area.

• MUST HOLD RN OR ADVANCED MEDICAL DEGREE. Must have 6+ months experience injecting full time or 12+ months experience injecting part time.
• Flight covered + 1-2 hotel nights covered by trainees depending on timing.
• Transportation from airport to office and hotel covered by trainees (Uber/Lyft/rental car).
• The practice hosting the training will find models for which techniques and areas trainees are wanting to learn. Shelby recommends finding models who are willing to pay 50-80% of your normal pricing for the procedures they are receiving– this will help pay for the training fees.
• The practice hosting the training will supply the product (Allergan or Galderma Filler). Shelby will let you know what will be needed ahead of time. Your rep should be able to give you some sample product for the training.
• Shelby only consults on techniques and does NOT provide any type of certification.
• Most trainings take place on Saturdays or Sundays with limited Monday availability.
•The travel fees will be finalized 2 weeks prior to the training and the split amount between trainees will be due 1 week prior to the training.

• Additional fees may be applied based on travel time and distance.
• 200 – 400 miles from SLC = 4% additional fee for travel time.
• 400 – 800 miles from SLC = 6% additional fee for travel time.
• 800 – 1,200 miles from SLC = 8% additional fee for travel time.
• 1,200+ miles from SLC = 10% additional fee for travel time.
• Out of the country travel = 20%+ additional fee for travel time.